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As a logic-oriented person, I calculate the risks, factors, and possibilities that come with decisions. On the other hand, I am also a very emotional and sensitive which I see as a positive rather than a negative. When I immigrated from Germany to the U.S., I felt that a lot of people like to cover up their emotions and protect themselves by wearing a mask. For me, I think that we should embrace all of our emotions within reason. We have all lingered in the deprecating world of self-pity or the other extreme, denial. I like to help people dig out their true feelings (no matter what they are) and accept them for that moment. As a multicultural person, I enjoy bringing people together from eclectic backgrounds. For me, it doesn’t matter what religion, culture, or socio-economic background people come from as long as they seem genuine and honest. Fostering a diverse community uncovers the best exchange and product. Why do we have to look to people who are similar to us if we can learn so much more from people who are different?

How do emotions shape you and how would you like to impact others?

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