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When I tried to start writing this blog, the first thing that came into my mind was researching about hiking trails. I get really fired up talking about nature and going out to hike. Growing up in Germany, my family would spend a lot of summers and winters in the alps and Switzerland enjoying the fresh air and taking in the wondrous corners of earth away from the hustle of cars, skyscrapers, and technology. Everytime I plan a hike, go out to the beach, or bike along a trail, the calming air fades away my worries. It’s incredible how nurturing nature can be. Recently, I have been drawn to Indian classical music, and I feel so because the music is very much connected to different moods and times of the day. I’m following a trail map but creating new routes. The mainly improvised musical art keeps me alert and provides a liberty that fosters individual expression. I often feel the same way about Baroque music, since “the notation is not the music” as Barthold Kuijken titles his book (a good and helpful exploration and introduction to Baroque music). There is a lot of flexibility with ornamentation compared to the standard orchestral symphony or concert band. I enjoy when I play or listen to a favorite orchestral piece as it requires the attention to your surroundings just as when hiking in nature. The difference is that with symphonic writing, there is a strict path to follow, as opposed to Indian or Baroque music where new ones are created.

What makes you passionate about music?

my recent hike- tour de mont blanc

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