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Updated: Jul 25, 2018

The purpose of this blog is to help share my experience of my professional music career so far. I want to be a resource, companion, and initiator of musician’s realities whether it be a high from feeling on top or rock bottom when nothing seems to work out. I want to end the stigma that we should not talk about our innermost thoughts or taboo topics surrounding musicians. Why can’t we talk about a day when our backs hurt or wrists seem to fall off? Or when our embouchures won’t find their right shape? Or how your gym class made you feel more empowered? Or when a colleague bullies or harasses you? Or how you listen to the same 15 seconds of your idol over and over again? I aim to share with you all my random snippets of my life from serious to silly experiences. I would also love to hear back from you on your unique moments when you felt something clicked or how you dealt with a difficult situation. On some days for me, walking dogs, being around cats, going to the gym, or indulging in a cookie or movie makes me feel more alive than practicing the flute and that is fine. On other days, I cannot seem to get away from the flute and love the excitement of creating a musical puzzle, piece by piece.

List for my 10 motivation kickstarters:

  1. Goal Setting

  2. Taking Breaks

  3. Working on specific skills

  4. Listening to Musicians

  5. Going to Museums

  6. Playing with Friends

  7. Going to Concerts

  8. Imitating Idols

  9. Brainstorming/Experimenting

  10. Setting aside designated practice times

How does your motivation guide your practice? Do you find that your days vary too? What are some motivational factors that catalyze your sessions or keep them going?

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